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Service Locations are open, with pre-booked appointments recommended, masks required, & COVID-19 safety measures in place. Learn how we can help online for faster service. During an L3 advisory BCAA Travel Insurance continues to provide COVID-19 medical coverage for fully vaccinated customers.

Pet Insurance

Your pets need insurance too

Cats and dogs are cherished family members. Our four-legged friends provide love, laughter, companionship and so much more. BCAA is committed to helping protect pets’ health and well-being. Get peace of mind that they’re protected with BCAA Pet Insurance.

Key Features

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Accident Coverage

Coverage for veterinary fees associated with an unexpected accident that causes injury

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Illness Coverage

Coverage for diagnostics, treatments, hospitalizations and more as a result of an illness or disease

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Dental Coverage

Coverage for the cost of treatment for the teeth and gums for preventative care or for dental illnesses

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Alternative Therapies

Treatments such as hydrotherapy, massage, acupuncture or other holistic treatments

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Behavioural Therapy

Coverage for diagnosing and treating abnormal behavioural problems in your pet

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Medical Devices

Coverages for devices to help with medical conditions, such as diabetes, cones, wheelchairs

Additional Features

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Multi-Pet Discount

If you insure multiple pets, you could be eligible for discounts up to 15%

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Holiday Cancellation

Coverage if your holiday is interrupted or cancelled due to your pet's emergency illness or an unexpected accident that causes injury

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Lost Pet Support

We will provide funds (starting at $250 depending on your plan) to help with advertising or reward if your pet is lost or stolen.

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Boarding Kennel

In the event you are hospitalized, we will provide coverage for the cost of boarding your pet at a licensed kennel or cattery, or with someone who will look after your pet

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Protect your furry friends.

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The information contained in this website is for illustrative purposes only and coverage under any pet insurance policy is expressly subject to the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions contained in our Policy Wordings. In the event of a discrepancy between the content of this website and your Policy Wordings, the Policy Wordings govern. Pet insurance is underwritten by Petline Insurance Company.