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This place was so quiet and peaceful
thank you for the hike
Lots of very tame bush-babies at night
we were rewarded
with some fantastic birds during the next four hours
fantastic couple days of birding
Biking just outside Dar es Salaam
2 days at Pugu Hills
We hope to be invited to any other tournaments you will be arranging
lovely lounch
They are nice
Amazing Trees
Lonely Planet
12 hours of hiking
should have asked for 'Kiki's Place'
Se distraire
pray for us
nice weekend

Look forward to next year

environmental education

brandir la Bamboo’s cup

la colline de Pugu…là aussi, aventureux
  paradijsje dus
  een leuk restaurant/lodge met zwembad
  Indiana Jones
  kinesiske inflydelse i Tanzania
  Grade 7 especially enjoyed a walk through
the ten million-year-old Pugu Forest
  Bat Cave
  erg leuk
  kun je goede wandeltochten maken
  dejlig udsigt
  food is good
  School Camp
  Asante Sana
  En haut de la colline,une superbe vue de Dar es Salaam
  Pugu Hills by Bike
  Students really enjoyed themselves
  Rundweg, der einen Kilometer lang sein sollte

Jan very kindly secured access to the Forest Reserve with a visit to
the Ministry of Natural Resources (close to International Airport) and
organised one of the local guides to escort us through the reserve
(also arranged through Min. NR).

We arranged an overnight stay at the Pugu Hills Lodge (owned by Kik
van den Heuvel; reservations can be made at This
is a comfortable and pleasant place to stay and the food is
particularly good. Due to a mix up ..., the guide was .....
misinformed about our intentions and we lost an hour when he took us
to the impressive bat caves instead of the forest, although we did
record both Barn and Wood Owls here. We ended back where we started
around 6am but had missed the early light. However, we were rewarded
with some fantastic birds during the next four hours as we took a
trail through the Pugu Hills forest reserve.

Adam, January 2010


We went mountain biking in pugu hills just outside of dar for a day! It was weicked, though i decided to attempt going bit too fast down a big bumphy hill and it was fun unitil i went flying over mny handlkebars!

9th Jun 2006


September, 2009

Finally managed to get out to Pugu - spent 2 nights there, 19th and 20th September.

Small area, unless you want to walk into the forest itself, but that's an extra $30 per person. Difficult to find and very sad to see the human encroachment, great birding though, all things considering.

Lots of very tame bush-babies at night.

for the sited birds please follow link

March 31, 2008

To All,

On behalf of Sugarrays, we say thank you first to the organizers for a wonderful tournament. It was our first time and the experience was just exhilarating! The support was fantastic.
I know we have ruffled a few feathers being new comers also ending up as winners.But hey, we look forward to next year for an even greater challenge.
Matare & Sugarrays Club

November 29th, 2007


Just wanted to send a note to THANK YOU for all of your help in making our G7 ESP trip a success.  Your flexibility on account of the rain was much appreciated and your staff was courteous and efficient.  Students really enjoyed themselves, in fact, many want to return to Pugu with their parents.


We look forward to working with you again next year!

Kind regards-

Pam Werner

G7 Team Leader


Tree Planting at Pugu Hills Nature Centre

by Jay- MONDAY July, 9 2007

Justyn and I returned from Pugu Hills last night after a fantastic couple days of birding. The last time we had gone there, we didn't have nearly as much luck - we found one impressive mixed-species flock in what seemed like an extremely small tract of good forest near a reservoir. This time around we returned twice to that same area and every where we turned there was another mixed-species flock, blue monkey troop, or stunning butterfly, and we even got a great look at Peters' Giant Elephant-shrew . It was reassuring in a forest that at first glance seems all but a lost cause.



Melissa Brown 03/31/06

Another day we went out to Pugu Hills.

Pugu Hills is kind of like our national parks in that logging and mining can happen on it and people live on it. Due to the town growing closer there has been a lot of logging and the people who are doing biological studies are worried about the impact. Since McKenzie and I wanted to do some hiking we didn't have a chance to talk to them about it for a long time. On the hike we saw some awesome caterpillars of all different colors. You can see some of them on the second photo blog. McKenzie took a lot of photos. We also saw a teeny snake (the woman in charge who heard our description of it said it might have been a spitting cobra...woot) and a monkey. The end of the 4 mile hike was a large reservior of water that is pumped to the town and a local boarding school. It was beautiful. I saw some of the most amazing trees I think I've ever seen in my life. McKenzie may have put up some pictures of them. The hike was nice because it was so warm and I sweated a lot and I think I burned some calories hahaha. After all the food I've been eating it here I needed it.

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Adventure Story
Staying at Pugu Hills hotel, a lovely selection of bandas owned by the swimming teacher at the elementary school, we visited the bat cave. Here, loads of bats sleep during the day, but at dusk they all fly out of the cave in a very spectacular way.
pugu Cave

Pour finir la semaine...
Vendredi 19 mai 2006

Dimanche dernier, nous avons pu aller visiter les alentours de Dar, sur la colline de Pugu…là aussi, aventureux ( !), on part à quatre avec un mini 4X4 sur des pistes moyennement praticables, pas une pancarte, par chance, nous sommes avec un français et un congolais qui parlent swahili, on finit par trouver l’entrée. En haut de la colline, une superbe vue de Dar es Salaam et de la campagne environnante, on se lance dans une balade au cœur de la forêt, objectif : trouver la réserve d’eau, objectif : trouver la réserve d’eau grâce aux indications d’une dame néerlandaise gérant le site, 5 minutes de marche, on est déjà perdus ! Du coup, on tombe sur un habitant qui sera notre guide pour cette marche, et après une heure, nous voilà près de cette réserve,ouf ! malheureusement, nous ne repartirons pas par un autre chemin, notre guide à peur des voleurs qui rôdent dans le coin…l’endroit est très agréablement habité par de nombreux papillons et singes…Nous finirons la journée en nous installant sur une terrasse surplombant la vue, buvant une petite Kilimandjaro (bière locale de 0,5 litre ( !))…Cette semaine se termine aujourd’hui avec le soleil qui a bel et bien refait sa réapparition, demain, parc aquatique et dimanche, plage et pique-nique…

Gros bisous à tous et à toutes et bon week end !

Adeline étudiante

storm at pugu

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Ons eerste avontuur buiten de stad leidde ons afgelopen weekend naar Pugu Hills, een heuvelketen slechts 15 km buiten Dar-Es-Salaam.....Onze verblijfplaats was een piepklein resort gerund door de plaatselijke mzungu, Bwana Kiki....


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In the Pugu Hills, students practiced cooperation and teamwork. They learned some of the principles behind what makes a good water carrier. Grade 7 especially enjoyed a walk through the ten million-year-old Pugu Forest. They pitched their own tents and worked together to cook supper, enjoyed al fresco.


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Expedition trip to kisarawe (pugu hills by bike)


The Sixth Check Point: PUGU HILLS RESORT

Arrived at 9:50 and that was our last checkpoint and total time taken was 3 hours because of many hills.


In all checkpoints we rested and have some water and in some we had ice cream and bananas. We took some snaps too.


At last we are resting and relaxing at a beautiful place called Pugu Hills. It is like a resort or hotel. We saw some books and posters of Footprints of the animal found at the area and one of them is Leopard and birds only found in Pugu Hills. We saw some books of birds, Dar es salaam city book etc



The Hike To Kisarawe Forest


Excitement began when we heard about Hike. We took oneself off for hike at 10:30.The route was difficult full of grasses and mwibas. There were the pumps house (reservoir), which supplies the water to Kisarawe area which also had a small lake. We stopped there for 5 minutes for pizzas and walk vigorously to reach the cave. At last we where at cave. Time taken to cave was 2 hours. Took some snaps, we talked for 15 to 20 minutes and ready to move back. We walk laboriously to reach out to Pugu Hills. We all were tired and thirsty and no drinking water with us. Our Guide Mr. Mohamed changed the route. This was the most difficult route comparing to the one from Pugu Hills to Cave. So all where walking laboriously, resting in some places too, about the weather! Yes it was piping hot all the way. At last we where at Pugu Hills at 13:00. Took cold Shower. We all were starving. Four boys were left behind. Our Guide went back to find them, but still they where not at the point. They came at 14:10 because they had lost the way to point and at last we had chance to have our lunch at 14:22. The menu was Pilau with Kachumbari and refreshments off course. After Lunch some boys were talking, some were sleeping relaxing and enjoying the view.


Now the time to move back to Dar es salaam (City Center). We took oneself off at 16:15 from Pugu Hills. We had three checkpoints one at Pugu secondary school second at Terminal two and the third and the last at Seifee masjid. We were there at 17:50 and lastly all were there within next five minutes and at last dismissed at 18:00. Total time taken was1:35 hours almost half the time taken to reach Pugu Hills because of steep hills.


My experience in the surprised bike hike

It was the great activity organized by leaders and the choice was very cool because of tar mack all the way, the place was stunning and the bike hike to Pugu Hills itself was challenging. As far as scouts are concerned ?We like to compete with challenges?.


Lastly I Moiz Shabbir appreciate to all leaders who had make possible this great event named Bike Hike To Pugu Hills and hope they will give the best to scouts.Also the trips organized by them,we the scouts can enjoy the scouting spirit and can be proud to be a Burhani scout (Dar es salaam).


Report presented by Moiz shabbir. 


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Asante Sana

I would like to thank Dr. Stephan

Jonker (Faculty of Science) and Mr. Jan Willem Smeenk (UCC) and his family for taking care, their advice and for introducing me to Dar Es Salaam and Pugu Hills. Asanta sana!!

Klaus Hoven

University of Nijmegen

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Tijdens het oud en nieuw feest zie ik een paar vreemde gezichten. Het feest wordt gehouden in de Pugu hills. Pugu is een dorp net buiten Dar es Salaam. Zoals de naam doet vermoeden ligt het dorp in de bergen. Net buiten het dorp heeft een nederlands stel een restaurant opgericht. Een half uur nadat ik ben vertokken vanuit mijn huis moet ik van de asfalt weg om via allerlei slingerpaadjes naar boven te kruipen. Je rijdt dan door de bananen plantages heen. Bananenplanten lijken op uit de kluiten gewassen mais planten. Hierdaar staat een groepje huizen bij elkaar. Vaak zijn het hutten gemaakt van klei en riet maar hier en daar staat ook echte woningen. Als je over de top bent van de eerst heuvel wordt op de berg een joekel van een hut zichtbaar. Dit is het restaurant. Kick en Ans, zo heet het Nederlands echtpaar, heeft het restaurant voornamelijk als hobby. Er is behalve een restaurant een voetbal veld en een heus zwembad. Het restaurant is een enorme hut van ongeveer 50 to 70 meter doorsnede en naar ik schat 8 meter hoog. Het is gemaakt van Bamboe en riet met stijve kern van steen.

Continue krijgen we optredens voorgeschoteld. Allerlei tanzaniaanse artiesten wisselen zich af. Arcobaten, dans-, en drumgroepen met als hoogte punt een massai groep die met hun stemmen het nieuwe jaar komen inluiden. Om vier uur s'ochtends nemen wij al onze nieuwjaar duik in het zwembad.

Het feest werd voornamelijk door nederlanders bezocht en er waren redelijk vreemde gezichten. Een aantal nieuwe mensen maar er waren ook een behoorlijk wat vakantiegangers

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view from tent
  Lisbeth, Erik og Mogens´s ferie til Tanzania/Zanzibar
Den første uge i Dar - 2. juli 1999

Pugu Hills - Dejlig Utsigt.



Zaterdag zijn we nog naar Pugu-hills geweest. Daar woont een Nederlands koppel en boven op die berg runnen ze een restaurant met zwembad. Vanuit daar kun je het regenwoud in. het was echter gesloten maar we mochten wel het regenwoud in. Weer een dagje zweten dus. Maar wel leuk.

Stephan Hopman, Tanzania 2001

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Pugu Hills

 Just about a week ago all the 7th grade students set off for their 1 night and 2 day long ESP trip to the Pugu Hills. The Pugu hills are one of the oldest forests in the world containing a variety of different plants and animals. Activities at Pugu included a 9 km walk to the water reservoir, 1 hour long night walk, sleeping in tents, and cooking up our own dinner. We had a lot of fun and it was a once in a life time experience. On behalf of the 7th grade we’d like to thank the teachers for arranging this trip.

By Zahra Merali and Hanne Vanneste


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De volgende dag, brak van het feest, besluiten Tim, ik Eef en Marieke naar Pugu Hills te gaan. De omgeving hier is redelijk heuvelachtig en een dagtripje waard. De natuur is heel mooi en we hebben daar een klein stukje gewandeld tot we een of ander resort bereikten waar je heerlijk kan relaxen (had ik nodig!). Eten is goed, er is een zwembad en als je dan om je heen kijkt heb je een prachtig uitzicht. Daar hebben we de hele dag vertoefd

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Dar is worth a visit, ....... Our visits to the National Museum, the fish market and craft markets provided contact with real

people. For Contrast (with Dar) we stayed 2 days at Pugu Hills. This oasis in the green hills near Dar is hard to find but

worth the effort when you are in a banda listening to monkeys in the trees. We were again treated special by hostess

Edna who personally took us to see local dancing, a cattle market and the school where Julius Nyerere taught.

In all outings we had contact with local people. Both places catered to our request for food and introduced us

to local dishes 


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2nd of April 2003

Hello! I would just like to convey a big thank you for the tournament this weekend! It was great fun for all of us! We hope to be invited to any other tournaments you will be arranging!

Thanks again
Svein Olsen
(Erik the Vikings)

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Pugu Hills is a tiny patch of old, old forest not far from Dar es Salaam. There is only one place to stay here - Pugu Hills Resort - so that is where our gang of adventurers headed one Saturday at 11.00am. Of course, this being Dar nobody knew Pugu Hills Resort by that name and we ended up spending half an hour discussing even the direction in which to head.

Our problem, of course, was that we should have asked for 'Kiki's Place' - which makes perfect sense when you consider that the owners name is Heuvel. Anyway, having reminded ourselves never to take directions from taxi drivers, having survived a crowded daladala (though tame compared to Kenyan matatus), and avoided a small mob of potential rioters, we landed safe and sound just as it started to rain. Since we were opting to avoid the $60-80/night rooms (KvdH) in favour of the luxury of our tents, all we could really do was wait for it to stop. Which it did.

Eventually. At least in the mean time we could discuss how to avoid the aforementioned murderous mob on our return to Pugu village the next day.

Pugu Hills itself is very nice and green (as you would expect from trees and grass), ......

9-10 April 2005

shadow man


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Monday, February 25, 2002
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sunday I went to Pugu Hills with a couple of friends. We weren't really sure what to expect, but it's a lovely lounge/restaurant (not cheap) set in to the hillside above Dar. You can lounge there all day if you want to... there are even mattresses if you want to have a snooze. There's a pool and hiking trails as well, although the pool was empty when we were there.


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Around Dar es Salaam - Pugu Hills 123 (Lonely Planet 2nd edition April 2002)

Around Dar es Salaam



The attractive Pugu Hills area begins about 15km south-west of Dar es Salaam and ex­tends past Kisarawe. The WCST is active here and a few of the remaining forest patches have been gazetted as protected re­serves. The area of Pugu Hills is also inter­esting from a historical perspective: Several important mission stations were established here and it is the site of Pugu Secondary School, where Julius Nyerere worked as a teacher before entering into politics full time.

 Despite its proximity to Dar es Salaam, the area is not urbanised and many commu­nities have remained quite traditional. It's a good destination if you have a day or two in Dar es Salaam and want to avoid the city, or for a short day or weekend getaway. Roads here are only lightly travelled and are good for hiking. There are also a few short WCST hiking trails. If you want to try them, you will need to go first to the Mali Asili (Natural Resources) office in Kisarawe, which is just south of the main roundabout, to get a permit (Tsh2500). The trailheads are about 15 minutes from the office on foot; each trail takes approximately 30 minutes. 

Pugu Hills (0754-565 498, 0754-394 875, e-mail, web site Admission Tsh3,000 per person, camping USD 10, 2-4 person bandas (huts) about US$70 to US$90(non-residents pay 10usd more). This is a good, breezy place set on a hillside. There's an area to pitch your tent, shower facilities, a pool and a restaurant (with meals for about USD 10 and upwards). Bandas with en suites were being constructed at the time of writing. Large groups and overland trucks cannot be accommodated.(prices and details are updated KvdH)

The property borders on a forest reserve, and there are some hiking paths nearby, including a short walk that will take you to a lookout with view over Dar es Salaam. It's a good base for biking in the area. The compound is open on weekends only, if you want to visit during the week, you will need to call in advance to make arrangements.

Getting There & Away

Dalla-dallas to Kisarawe leave from Msimbazi St in Kariakoo (look for the Simba Sports Club) and cost Tsh300. You can also get dalla-dallas on Nyerere Rd at the airport turn-off.

To get to Pugu Hills camping ground and restaurant, get a Kisarawe dalla-dalla and ask the driver to drop you at the old Agip station (about 7km before Kisarawe). From there continue straight along the unpaved Kisarawe road for about 200m, to the end of a tinv group of shops on your left, where there’s a dirt path leading up to Pugu Hills (about 15 minutes further on foot); ask for Bwana Kiki's place. By vehicle, from the old Agip station follow the sealed road to the left. continue about 1.2km, then turn right at an unmarked dirt path running past a chicken warehouse (the tum-off is about 50m before the railroad tracks.) Continue about 2km along a rough road uphill to Pugu Hills.

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Afslappende læsning i roen der omgiver pugu hills.

Folderen på bordet indeholder
information om den kinesiske inflydelse i Tanzania da denne Banda er indrettet i
kinesisk stil.



In het weekend zijn we er weer op uit getrokken, niet ver (slechts uurtje in daladala’s crossend over de “wegen”, maar het was wel een erg mooi gebied, Pugu Hills genaamd. Middenin de bossen op een bult bevond zich dit paradijsje (zie foto’s uiteraard). De eigenaars waren Nederlanders, dat bestelt altijd makkelijk. Ook leek het wel makkelijk toen ze ons de weg naar een één of ander waterreservoir in het bos wilde uitleggen. Erg mooie wandeling, we voelden ons als Indiana Jones, gevaarlijke slangen ontwijkend (we waren er zo goed in dat we ze zelfs niet gezien hebben) op zoek naar ons doel; het waterreservoir. De ontdekkingsreis liep echter op niets uit, we zijn hopeloos verdwaald en hebben geen water gezien.


De dag erna vertelde de eigenaresse ons dat er in de buurt ook een koeienmarkt was die de moeite van het bekijken was. Aangezien ik (Daan) uit een dorp kom waar de ponymarkt hoog in het vaandel staat was ik wel geïnteresseerd, ook Marion kon de verleiding niet weerstaan, dit aangezien dit haar een vlaag van herkenning aan haar ouderlijk huis gaf. Aangezien wij naar aanleiding van de vorige dag door hadden dat we niet echt wandelende kompassen zijn, besloten we om een gids ter hand te nemen. Gewapend met gids en 2 andere reizigers die de koeien wilden bewonderen trokken wij ten strijde. Dat bleek het ook echt bijna te worden toen ik een foto van de menigte op de koeienmarkt probeerde te maken. De foto lukte maar het gejoel van de menigte gaf wel aan dat ze hier niet echt van gediend waren. Gelukkig voelden we ons dankzij de gids nog niet direct bedreigd (alhoewel, de koeien hadden venijnige horens op hun kop), en we overleefden ook dit zonder verdere problemen.


Deze dag zijn we maar weer “huiswaarts” gekeerd (het appartement voelt al wel een beetje als ons huis). De aardige koe-reisgenoten nodigden ons uit voor de terugreis in hun 4-wheel aangedreven jeep, niet verkeerd naar wij dachten…

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Dimanche dernier, nous avons pu aller visiter les alentours de Dar, sur la colline de Pugu…là aussi, aventureux ( !), on part à quatre avec un mini 4X4 sur des pistes moyennement praticables, pas une pancarte, par chance, nous sommes avec un français et un congolais qui parlent swahili, on finit par trouver l’entrée. En haut de la colline, une superbe vue de Dar es Salaam et de la campagne environnante, on se lance dans une balade au cœur de la forêt, objectif : trouver la réserve d’eau, objectif : trouver la réserve d’eau grâce aux indications d’une dame néerlandaise gérant le site, 5 minutes de marche, on est déjà perdus ! Du coup, on tombe sur un habitant qui sera notre guide pour cette marche, et après une heure, nous voilà près de cette réserve,ouf ! malheureusement, nous ne repartirons pas par un autre chemin, notre guide à peur des voleurs qui rôdent dans le coin…l’endroit est très agréablement habité par de nombreux papillons et singes…Nous finirons la journée en nous installant sur une terrasse surplombant la vue, buvant une petite Kilimandjaro (bière locale de 0,5 litre ( !))…Cette semaine se termine aujourd’hui avec le soleil qui a bel et bien refait sa réapparition

Vendredi 19 mai 2006


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IAS BRONZE PUGU HILLS TRIP (24 September 2004)

On Saturday 24th September a group of 11 students, two Grade 10 students, nine IB students accompanied by three teachers set out to achieve the first step towards their IAS Bronze Award. This trip promised at least 12 hours of hiking and the students were expected to prepare their own meals.

The first 6-hour long hike was physically very draining due to the extreme heat. However, the students were kept entertained by the cattle market through which they passed on this hike. Some of the students went into a bat cave while others took a much needed break. The group was back at the campsite by late evening where they prepared their dinner. After a short rest, they hiked for another hour under the moonlight, this hike being much more pleasant than the previous one. They returned to their campsite and turned in for the night.

The next day, after a self-prepared breakfast, the group started out on another hike which led them to a scenic reservoir. After an early lunch back at the campsite, the hiking continued. This time, the group was heading for the celtel tower situated at one of the high points on the hills.

The group came back on Sunday evening feeling exhausted but at the same time having learnt a lot from this experience and having achieved the first level of their award.

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Dag Saskia,

Ik zal me eerst even voorstellen, ik ben de broer van geert, via zijn weblog kwam ik ook (bij) jou verhalen over Tanzania. Ik ben er zelf een aantal jaar geleden geweest ( een vriend van me werkte er). Het is leuk om de beelden van de trips te zien (nog geen biertje op de slipway gedronken?). wat mij verbaasde is het volgende; Pugu Hills is ook de naam van een (erg leuk) soort resort van een nederlands stel. Zijn jullie daar helemaal niet geweest?

Comment door bart — 4/2/2005 @ 12:01 am


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Dar es Salaam, 12 februari 2003

Als alternatief plannen (ja we proberen het gewoon weer...) we nu een weekendje Pugu Hills. In dit kleine dorpje, een uurtje rijden vanaf Dar es Salaam, is een leuk restaurant/lodge met zwembad in een erg mooie en heuvelachtige omgeving gelegen. In plaats van leeuwen en giraffen dit keer dus lekker wandelen, relaxen en natuurlijk ook lekker eten, ach er zijn ergere dingen

Hi Kik,

Just a photo from our nice weekend in Pugu Hills and the trip to the bat


April 2007

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bat cave

J’ai oublié de vous parler de notre prestation de niveau INTERNATIONAL en football, pour la Bamboo’s Cup organisée il y a quelques semaines de ça maintenant. Un dimanche sportif et familial, avec les collègues de l’Ambassade. 8 équipes de très très très haut-niveau, rassemblées au beau milieu de la forêt, sur un même terrain de foot, à Pugu Hills (à une quarantaine de kilomètre de Dar es Salaam) avec un seul objectif : brandir la Bamboo’s cup.


Avril 2007

L'equipe arrive au galop
L'equipe arrive

We have managed to eat out at a few nice restaurants, spend a whole day at a beautiful beach nearby, as well as gone on our first short hike in a forested area called Pugu Hills. We lounged around in a very, pleasant resort there, with a panoramic view of the countryside, in the company of three supremely self-confident and chatty 7-8 year old girls and their parents. Thanks to our guide, Omari, on the hike we saw an owl, a monkey perched atop a far-off tree and a thick snake, sensed more than seen, at least by me, under a thick patch of twigs. We may also be enroute to making some friends – pray for us!

November 2005

Pugu Hills ligt net buiten Dar, ongeveer 1 uur rijden. Ik ben daar 7 jaar geleden voor het laatst geweest (weten jullie nog broertjes?) maar het was nog steeds net zo mooi. Het is een hotel/restaurant met een zwembad, paradijsje dus.

Rineke, 28 Mei 2006


six active members from the Bongoyo and Osterbay primary schools, together with international and Tanzanian R&S volunteers

December, 6th, 2007

roots and shoots at gate
A day out in the Pugu Hills

 Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam
 February 7th 2009 by StephanVSO

There is a serious shortage of places to go outside Dar, that are less than at least four hours drive, if you discount the beaches. I know, it’s a great privilege to have some amazing beaches right outside the city. But with being in a different country for a limited time, you want to go and explore places and it gets a little boring just going to the beach every weekend.
The various guide books mentioned the nearby Pugu Hills as a destination for some hikes and a nice place to hang out. It didn’t sound amazing, but as we couldn’t think of anything better and Ane-Kristine, my Danish colleague had recommended it as well, we wanted to give it a try.

We booked ahead, as they won’t let you just turn up at the gate.........

This place was so quiet and peaceful, even more so as we were the only guests around, that it was really hard to leave. We didn’t want to have to go back down to Dar.

read more.......


Wir wollten eigentlich einen Rundweg nehmen, der einen Kilometer lang sein sollte

Julia in Tansania Samstag, 01. Mai, 2010 – 14:42:24

Nachdem wir uns 1 ½ Stunden in der prallen Mittagssonne durch das Unterholz geschlagen haben und schon die Stunden bis zum Sonnenuntergang gezählt und leicht panisch unsere Handyakkus kontrolliert haben, haben wir doch tatsächlich noch einen Weg raus aus dem Wald gefunden und sind dann durch die Hilfe einiger Einheimischen wieder dorthin gekommen, wo wir eigentlich hinwollten. Es gab jedoch mitten in der Landschaft ein sehr schönes „Restaurant“ mit einer tollen Aussicht, in dem wir die meiste Zeit des Tages verbrachten und einfach mal ein bisschen entspannen konnten.

Follow the signs

March 24th, 2011

I wanted to thank you for helping us with a smooth organization of the Pugu hike last saturday. It would not have been possible without your in-depth knowledge of the area and your capable guides. You were right that we won't be able to have a 21km long hike as we had pushed for, but it was very helpful for us to see how our kids did for 15km that we managed to cover, :) Kind regards, Anja