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Service Locations are open, with pre-booked appointments recommended, masks required, & COVID-19 safety measures in place. Learn how we can help online for faster service. During an L3 advisory BCAA Travel Insurance continues to provide COVID-19 medical coverage for fully vaccinated customers.

Earthquakes Canada
Info on recent earthquakes in Canada

Emergency Info BC: Alert Ready – Public Alerting
BC’s emergency alert system.

Government of Canada - Get Prepared
Earthquake facts and what to do.

Get Prepared for an Earthquake in British Columbia
Download your Earthquake and Tsunami Guide to have on hand.

How to Protect Yourself During an Earthquake
Learn what to do when shaking begins and what experts recommend.

Get Prepared for a Flood in British Columbia
Download your Flood Information Guide to have on hand.

BC Wildfire Service
Everything you need to know about wildfires in B.C.

Get Prepared for a Wildfire in British Columbia
Download your Wildfire Preparedness Guide to have on hand.

BCAA - Home Insurance
Products for your every need.

BCAA -- BC Wildfire Insurance Tips
Questions about your policy, answered.