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School Zone Safety

BCAA's School Safety Patrol program helps support safe school zones throughout BC.

The CAA School Safety Patrol program has been keeping students safe in school zones since 1929, with BCAA successfully running our BC based program for decades.

At BCAA, our commitment to community begins at the crosswalk and BCAA School Safety Patrollers are at the forefront of that mission. We like to think of them as the superheroes of the crosswalk, donning their fluorescent vests every day to keep their classmates safe — rain, shine, sleet or snow.

The BCAA School Safety Patrol program supports local communities in a variety of ways:

student leadership
Student Leadership

Students in grades 5-7 take the lead in promoting a safe community while also learning a variety of leadership skills and acting as role models for younger students and peers

Promote Safer Travel Routes
Safer Travel Routes

This program provides pedestrians and drivers with a safer route through busy school zones.

traffic icon
Reducing Traffic Congestion 

Student-patrolled crosswalks keep traffic flowing while providing a designated point to safely cross. 

Thank you, Patrollers

1000 School Patrol Leaders 

We are proud to have over 1000 students participate in the BCAA School Safety Patrol program, each acting as leaders and making our BC communities safer.

Did you participate in the BCAA School Safety Patrol program? We would love to hear from you! Reach out today.

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